Many of these photos were taken with sub-megapixel cameras, in the “old days” before digital photography became commonplace.  Others were scanned from prints.  This is the best we can do!


mjk on the right, circa 1978, with Britain.


mjk on the right, circa 1978, with Britain.


mjk center stage, circa 1978, with Britain.


A photo taken during a live streaming CU-SeeMe broadcast of a recording session, circa 1996.

mjksmfot  cr2

Cover photo (taken by Dave Piemonte) for “Classic Reminder” and image of the CD itself.  Later Philips corporation copied this idea of making a CD look like a record.


In-floor advertising tile for a release that never was manufactured.  In the future, this will be covered in a history section.

Misc012  Misc011 Misc008

Various shots of mjk working with his band preparing for shows.

studi023 studi021 studi019 studi020 studi018 studi017

Studio session at EVS/Fleetwood in Revere, MA.  Tony Vaughn plays bass on “Tough Guy” with mjk engineering (mjk produced and engineered his own sessions).

studi015  Fltwo018 Fltwo006 mjk041 mjk028 mjk025

Various studio shots at Fleetwood, showing setups and sessions.